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Places to visit

Explore the local Moorish villages, particularly the famous and unique Guadalest.

Visit the two near by theme parks Terra Mitica and Terra Natura.

Terra Mitica

Discover all that is hidden on the Mediterranean, Egypt, Greece and Rome, thousands of years converted into moments of fun, excitement and adrenaline.

Terra Natura

Terra Natura offers replicas of eco-systems and cultures for a different kind of learning experience. "Visit" America, Asia and Europe all in one place.

The Jalon valley

The characteristic village of Jalon, located on the 55 km long river called Jalon and north of the village Pedreguer, south of Altea, Callosa de Ensarria, Lliber and in the east and the west together with Benissa, Alcalalí and Tárbena. Jalon is known regionally for its nice well-attended Saturday market, the stylish restaurants and beautiful un-spoilt countryside.

The climate is mild with mild winters and tolerable summers due to the proximity of the Mediterranean. The wettest month is usually in October. An ideal time to visit Jalon is between late February and early March, that's when the  Almond Blossom is in full bloom. The whole valley is a pink white shade, whose beauty is impossible to describe with words.

You can also visit the Safari Park and the Algar Falls or the coastal regions of Altea and Calpe.